Telegestore – Italy

The Telegestore (remote management system) is the innovative solution that Enel has deployed since 2001 in Italy for the remote management of the new electronic meters. It still represents the unique smart metering solution really in operation on large scale worldwide.
More specifically, the Telegestore is a set of electronic devices and software whose main elements are:

The electronic meter;
The concentrator installed in medium to low voltage substations, to gather the data recorded by the connected meters;
The central system for remote management of meters, processing billing information as well as to monitor the quality of service.
Thanks to the remote management infrastructure, Enel can perform bidirectional communication with the meters by remote, automatically and at any moment. In particular, the Telegestore allows to easily read the consumption of its customers and remotely manage contractual operations. At the same time, it can gather relevant data on the quality of electricity supplies while monitoring, in real time, service continuity, intervening promptly in case of network failure or malfunctioning.

The Telegestore is not only an electronic system that allows remote consumption readings. It also introduces new systems of two-way energy measurement (consumed energy and energy that will eventually be produced by customers). Furthermore, the Telegestore is completely integrated into the Enel information systems and enhances the electricity network as an information exchange channel. Thus customers can use energy more rationally and with greater awareness. The Telegestore is therefore essential to achieve a smart electricity system where energy consumers and producers can take advantage of innovative services to improve energy efficiency and protect the environment.