Meters and More participate at the 14th edition of Latin America Utility Week in Brazil

Latin America

Meters and More will participate as silver sponsor at the 14th edition of Latin America Utility Week in Brazil (São Paulo) from 13 to 15 September. This year’s edition will be far more interactive and participative, with key professionals from the most diversified sectors such as energy, metering, smart grids, smart water & gas, and smart systems. As last year Meters and More will be actively involved in a conference on smart metering solutions on September 14th from 10.40 aM. Two members of Meters and More will take part in the conference, Mr Victor Manuel Galvão Macedo Costa, responsible for network technologies and infrastructures at Ampla in Brazil, and Jose Ricardo De Freitas, representative of ST Microelectronics in Brazil. Please see the link at:

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Come and join us at B09!

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