Meters and More presents “METERS AND MORE…Latin America experience”


Meters and More representatives will be speaking at the upcoming Latin American Utility Week (LAUW 2016), taking place September 13-15 in São Paulo, Brazil. “Meters and More.. Latin America experience” will be held on September 14, 10.40 – 11.20 am,  in the Metering Part, by Mr. Victor Manuel Galvão Macedo Costa of Ampla and Mr. Jose Ricardo Freitas of STMicroelectronics. The presentation will be divided in three main topics: Minimum functional requirements of a smart meter system; Key features of Meters and More technology; Meters and More on-going pilot project.

LAUW 2016 is the premier platform for electricity utility stakeholders in Latin America, focusing on regional and global developments in metering and transmission and distribution technologies.  At the event, Mr. Macedo Costa of Ampla and Mr. Freitas of STMicroelectronics will explore how the open communication protocol Meters and More is powering on-going pilot projects that are contributing to the development of energy networks in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Argentina.

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