METERS AND MORE technology represents a complete solution for Smart Metering. It is an evolution of the Enel Telegestore system that has been working in Italy on millions of smart meters for more than ten years Meters and More is the solution chosen by Endesa for its smart metering project with a total of 13 million meters installed by 2018.

 AMI System

Generally the architecture of METERS AND MORE system is composed by the following elements:

  • a Central System that manages the whole smart metering network;
  • Data Concentrators that collect data provided by Smart Meters;
  • Smart Meters, the metering devices;
  • Local O&M devices for local management of Smart Meters.

In addition METERS AND MORE is working in a new interface that connects the Smart Meters with and End Customer Device. METERS AND MORE architecture, functionalities and requirements fulfil all the requisites defined by the European OPEN Meter project and Smart Meters Co-ordination Group (SMCG).

The main criteria that have led the development of METERS AND MORE technology are efficiency, robustness and security of communications. These are ensured by the following features:

  • very short message exchanges, optimized for narrowband powerline and wireless communications;
  • use of a BPSK modulation the allows the communication to reach a coded bit-rate of 4800 bps;
  • optimization of communication paths;
  • support to a high level of encryption and authentication, by the use of symmetric key based 128 bit AES algorithms;
  • automatic network configuration and management;
  • re-transmission management.

METERS AND MORE system covers the entire protocol stack, from the Physical layer to the Application layer, and is able to work on Powerline networks, Public Communication networks and local optical links.

METERS AND MORE specifications protocol, named SMITP (Smart Metering Information and Telecommunication Protocol) is defined in the CLC/prTS 50568-4 and CLC/prTS 50568-4 documents.

CLC/prTS 50568-4 specifies the B-PSK Physical and Data Link Layers for communications on LV distribution network between a master node (the Data Concentrator) and one or more slave nodes (Smart Meters and customer devices).

The Data Link layer is designed in order to perform key functionalities such as repetition, data protection and optimization of media access.

CLC/prTS 50568-8 specifies 4 communication profiles:

  • the Original-SMITP over B-PSK PLC profile. It refers to smart metering system specifications defined prior to the availability of the DLMS/COSEM over SMITP B-PSK PLC profile.
  • the Original-SMITP over IP profile, for the communication on a public network between the Central System and the Concentrator.
  • the Original-SMITP over IEC 62056-21 local data exchange profile.

The Application layer of Original SMITP profile provides authentication functionality to ensures a high level of security and advanced features of network management, and accesses configuration parameters and measurement data defined in the Original SMITP data model.

  • the DLMS/COSEM over SMITP B-PSK PLC profile. Within the preliminary works for the CENELEC standardization process, METERS AND MORE protocol evolved in order to include a DLMS/COSEM profile over the SMITP B-PSK modulation, in addition (and as a possible alternative) to the Original SMITP profile. It defines the use of the CLC/prTS 50568-4 communication protocol and methods to access and exchange data modelled by the COSEM objects and interfaces of EN/IEC 62056-6-1 and 6-2 via the EN/IEC 62056-5-3 application layer. This section forms part of the DLMS/COSEM suite as described in EN/IEC 62056-1-0 13/1548/CDV.