MEDIA ALERT: METERS AND MORE participate in Sendi 2018




METERS AND MORE participate in Sendi 2018

At Booth 56 Visit the Meters and More stand to learn much more about the Association

FORTALEZA,BRAZIL 20 November, 2018 – METERS AND MORE AISBL, the global, non-profit, Association that maintains and promotes the most widely deployed communication protocol for smart metering, will be in Sendi 2018, XIII Seminário Nacional de Distribução de Energia Elétrica , taking place 20-23 November in Fortaleza.

Today, digitalisation and new technologies are booming in the energy sector. This new scenario needs a platform which supports system interoperability, worldwide feature accessibility and the adoption of open technologies. Meters and More communication protocol for smart metering is an important point of reference in smart grid applications.

Meters and More is in fact an association based in Brussels, started in 2010 with the goal to promote the open Meters and More protocol for smart metering, assuring product interoperability, a neutral certification process, standardization at European and international level and the continuous integration of technological evolutions.

On the horizon, the Meters and More Association sees the development of an extension of its technology for complementary value-added services based on the same principles of openness, interoperability, efficiency, robustness and secure communications: a big focus on services beyond metering.

The Meters and More smart metering information and telecommunication protocol has been extensively rolled out in Europe and in Latin America where 50 million of Meters and More smart meters have already been installed. The success of these implementations brings many advantages for customers through the new smart meters that use the Meters and More technology.

To understand the benefits of this technology for electricity consumers across Europe, Meters and More invites you to visit them at their exhibition booth 65 and talk to one of the experts that are available to walk you thought the Meters and More technology.

We are waiting for you!


Event Details:

For information on Meters and More technology, please visit:

Contact at the booth:

Victor Manuel Galvão Macedo Costa (Enel Brazil) and Ricardo Freitas (STMicroelectronics) members of the Meters and More’s Committee for Communication Activities will support the audience at stand 56.

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