MEDIA ALERT: METERS AND MORE is Silver Partner of European Utility Week 2019

Visit the Meters and More Booth N140 to discover much more about the Association, the prototype of the Meters and More smart energy “Gateway” and, through a specific demo, how our protocol can support prepayment meters.


BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, November 12th, 2019 –METERS AND MORE AISBL, the global, non-profit, Association that maintains and promotes the most widely deployed communication protocol for smart metering, today announced that Meters and More representatives will be speaking at the upcoming European Utility Week (EUW 2019), taking place 12-14 November, Paris France.

The Meters and More smart metering information and telecommunication protocol has been  extensively rolled out in Europe and in Latin America where 50 million of Meters and More smart meters have already been installed. The success of these implementations brings many advantages for customers through the new smart meters that use the Meters and More technology. But the Association’s declared goal is not only to provide an interoperable end-to-end solution for smart metering, but also to develop extensions for complementary value-added services based on the same principles of openness, interoperability, efficiency, robustness and security of communications. The Association in fact, consider customer awareness  a fundamental step to obtaining reductions in energy consumption and demand. For these reason, in the exhibition booth N140 is possible to discover a prototype of the Meters and More smart energy “Gateway”, a system for communication between the smart meter and in-home devices, and a Prepayment Demo, a specific demo concerning how the meters and more protocol can support prepayment meters. To understand the benefits concerning the  Meters and More’s technology , the Association invites to visit them at their stand where  some experts be available for meeting.

Events Details:



12 nov. h17:00

Consumer and the Digital Utility

Alessandro Lasciandare
Member of Meters and More
TCS Commettee


13 nov. h11.40

The Digital Utility Trasformation

Alessio Montone
Director of Meters and More

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