The association

METERS AND MORE is an international non-profit association governed by Belgian Law, which adopts, maintains and promote the open communication protocol named SMITP (Smart Metering Information and Telecommunication Protocol) with well-defined open rules. Includes more than 45 members, worldwide leading stakeholders, counting utilities, manufactures, technology providers, service providers and institutions representing the entire smart grid value chain.

Meters and More International no-profit Association is composed of a Board of Directors representing the Full Members and three Committees.

  • Protocol Specification Committee (TCS) which objective is to maintain, evolve and provide the official specification of the technology Meters and More.
  • Committee for Product Certification (TCC) which objective is to define specifications for the certification tests for finished devices and basic components; other goal are to follow and manage certifications path of devices and Testing Providers Labs.
  • Committee for Communication activities (CCA) which promotes Meters and More and its Protocol worldwide with many different international communication activities enhancing the objectives of the Association and its Committees.

By joining METERS AND MORE Association, any company or entity may, upon a royalty free license scheme, access the protocol specifications, adopt them to develop interoperable products and services and may contribute to its evolution.

In October 2014, METER AND MORE’s SMITP protocol, thoroughly tested in the OPEN Meter Project, was approved as CENELEC Technical Specification (CLC TS 50568), including also COSEM data model and DLMS application layer support.


The driving criteria for the development of SMITP technology is efficiency, robustness and security of communications. These are ensured by the following features:

  • very short message exchanges in narrowband powerline;
  • IP based communication between the concentrator and AMI ead-ends;
  • 9600 bps BPSK modulation enforced with Viterbi convolutional coding;
  • low processing/consumption, high reachability and reduction of TLC costs;
  • optimization of communication paths by using efficient routing rules;
  • High security level: encryption and authentication by 128 bits AES algorithm;
  • plug and play: automatic network configuration and management;
  • retransmission management.




  • FIELDPROVEN of technology evolution over a decade;
  • SUPERIOR success rate in real network conditions;
  • EFFICIENT very short protocol overhead and meter addressing;
  • ROBUST higher noise robustness;*
  • COMPREHENSIVE to a large number of communication interfaces;

(*) higher noise robustness when compared to current narrow band PLC solutions

The protocol connects much more than meters...

the intelligent and efficient platform includes  all interfaces for a complete end-to-end  smart solution.

Ongoing activities

specifications for a new communication solution between the meter and end-customer devices and for SMITP communication technologies for smart city applications:

  • provide on-demand and detailed consumption information to the customers, energy retailers, ag- gregators and ESCOs in order to allow for energy-efficient services and customer behaviour;
  • automated demand-response and communication with household appliances;
  • real-time management of distributed generation;
  • additional monitoring and control elements for the grid distribution;
  • manage street lighting schemes for saving energy and maintenance cost, and improving services;
  • collect information from sensors and control elements within a Smart City environment (traffic den- sity, pollution, temperature, parking spaces, etc.)
Meters and more mission

The main goal of the Association is to provide the industry with a proven open protocol for smart metering. Specifically, the Association is responsible for making the protocol available on an open basis, for developing the protocol specifications, and certifying compliance and interoper- ability of new equipments by promoting the protocol widespread diffusion without IPR limitations and also achieving a continous international expansion.


METERS AND MORE technology represents a complete solution for Smart Metering. It is a direct evolution of Telegestore, AMI solution, deployed by Enel to its 34 M customers in Italy since 1999. Endesa’s new-generation smart metering system roll-out in Spain (13 M meters under deployment); E.ON Spain Automatic Meter Management (750 K meters); Spain small DSO’s (115 K meters under deployment); E.ON Moldova (385 K meters); Succesful Demo’s: Buzios Smart City (Brasil) – CEZ Cech Republic – ENERGO STRIM Russia; MERALCO Philippines; RELIANCE / TPDDL India; CHILECTRA Chile; AMPLA / COELCE Brazil;