The Meters and More ’s purpose is not only to provide an interoperable end-to-end solution for smart metering, but also to develop product extensions for value-added services.

To this end, our TCS Committee recently released the first prototype of its Smart Energy Gateway for communication between the smart meter and in-home devices.

This interface enables the interchange of energy consumption information in near real-time and the creation of new services based on the Meters and More protocoll. The Smart Energy Gateway is the key element of the Meters and More Beyond the Meter programme, which is aimed at accelerating the delivery of smart energy benefits for customers.

What about Gateway?

The Meters and More Gateway is a pioneer in versatility (multi frequency and multi mode PLC communication, flexible data model), standardization (open standard based), availability (implemented and tested by an international team), a first class device for direct communication to the smart meter

 What is its function?

The Meters and More Gateway is the user device that enables the customer to connect directly to the Smart Metering system through Power Line Comunication avoiding any further intermediate device.

The customer can receive all the information on his own real-time or historical energy consumption conveniently from home

What are Gateway advantages ?

The Meters and More Gateway enables the customer to receive energy consumption information to increase his consumption awareness. Furthermore it acts a direct connection with the DSO or Energy Service provider, enabling Value added Service like: demand side and demand response management, active demand and load shifiting, multi-tariff energy consumption and more.